About Our Awesome Family Farm

Living the Dream. Building it Together.


British Columbia: Our new home is in paradise!

Awesome Family Farm strives to grow in harmony with nature, stepping consciously in the direction of sustainable living. We value the world we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we consume. We believe in integrated permaculture, wild farming, preservation of heirloom plants and heritage animals, composting, recycling, home cooked meals, creating meaningful traditions and togetherness. It is our passion to find easy and effective ways to protect the environment for the benefit of our family and yours.

We have just moved to our family farm in BC and have the Awesome project of developing an acreage long neglected to bramble and creeping buttercup. This is a very good thing! The canvass is blank, the pastures are unpolluted by chemicals, the native wildlife is abundant and the woodlands are matured. The rustic old barn is sound and Awesome Hubby has remodeled it to suit our needs. This is the ideal site to really test out many permaculture gardening methods and we look forward to documenting the journey here. For the last 10 years we have lived in a number of very different climates and have found creative ways to adapt organic practices to fit into our busy city lifestyle making the most of windowsills, balconies, tiny shady yards and community plots. We can now integrate these methods and ideals to build our own Awesome Family Farm.

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